Homer’s Iliad Odyssey Greek Thalassocracies Reports Crete Port Cities Sailors Many Languages Bronze Age Minoan Civilization Mediterranean Sea Commerce Navigational Method Measuring Longitude System Astronomy Great Pyramid Giza Dimensions Hindu Yugas Precession Mapping Kususthali Thalassocracy Indus Valley Civilization Global Seafaring Ice Age

The greek literati Homer, in his book the Odyssey, which took place circa 1100 b.c., reports that many languages were spoken on Crete in that day, it was the Minoan civilization, like min-nows, great seafarers, their empire known as a thalassocracy, as was legendary Atlantis, and of the mariners of the Indus Valley Civilization, proven by the now submerged ruins of Kususthali, same meaning from Crete to India, a much smaller world back then than the darwinists are telling us, much because they fail to digest the material in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com, how the ancients measured and thereby mapped the earth, and the template from which the hindu yugas of time were lifted, from the ancient mapping method by the earth’s wobble rate, ain’t it a trip?

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