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In his book Lost Languages, author and linguist Andrew Robinson admits that about a third of the script signs of the undecifered RongoRongo written language of Easter Island look essentially the same as signs from the undecifered Indus Valley script, which ‘though S. R. Rao and myself are demonstrating was the vedic Sanskrit language, Indo European, with semitic alphabet signs having been applied to it sometime after when the Ice Age ended circa 1500 b.c., when Kususthali (Kush’s thalassocracy) and other Indus Civilization port cities were consumed by the sea in the vedic literature.

Yet ‘though Robinson admits the likeness of many of the signs of the RongoRongo and the Indus writing systems, he says there can be no real connection and relationship, because he says such navigation over 13,000 miles was impossible circa 2000 b.c., but somebody needs to tell him about the somewhat simple ancient mapping method explained in article #2 at, to which every ancient historan should be privy, so please spread the word, there’s no excuse for it not being common knowledge, but for obvious reasons, the darwinists deny.  And see

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