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Andrew Robinson, in his book Lost Languages, laughs at the notion that the kushan (meroitic) language of the ancient kingdom of Kush, based at Meroe, south of Egypt, could be related to the languages of the western Himalayas, as but the evidence actually indicates.  Robinson can’t bring himself to agree with the Table of Nations in Genesis 10, a common flaw in mainstream linguists’ thinking, which tells him there is good reason to believe the fact that mongolian and tocharian, as he states, resemble the ancient kushan language (Bedawaye) of northeast Africa.  It’s as if he’s not even aware of the Hindu Kush mountains of the western Himalayas in Pakistan, and the submerged city of Kususthali (which means Kush’s thalassocracy), now submerged in the Gulf of Kutch since the end of the Ice Age.  And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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