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The darwinists would have us believe that humans migrated across the bering land bridge, from Siberia across to Alaska, during the so-called pleistocene era, ostensibly about 30,000 years ago, and in professor Robert Wenke’s book Patterns of Prehistory for instance, some carbon 14 dates from the log-home settlement at Monte Verde, way down in Chile, show dates of 30,000 years ago too, so they were walking south fast, weren’t they?  And where are the ruins of settlements which should be in the region from the intervening 26,000 years?

At Pedra Furada in eastern Brazil, demonstrably flawed carbon 14 dates (see http://globalflood.org) likewise show ages for that site up to 30,000 years of age, so how’d they get down there so fast, and where too are the ruins of more settlements for the purportedly intervening 26,000 years?  That’s a long time folks, twelve times the length of time back to roman times for instance, so just imagine the great number of people who should have followed those builders of Pedra Furada and Monte Verde.

Since the ocean was a superhighway for the ancients, particularly when you understand the mapping method simply explained in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com, so then why not most of the peopling of the Americas by sea?  And the under-factored volcanics during the Ice Age have caused the carbon 14 dates’ great exaggeration, so why not transoceanic navigation to the Americas circa 2000 b.c., in line with the Bible, could it be?  Read on under the various categories.

And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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