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The 56 post holes, the so-called Aubrey Holes around the outer perimeter of the famed ancient formorian-built Stonehenge astronomical complex at Avebury, England, are demonstrated to have been utilized as a 360 year marker system, with the metonic cycle of the apollo festival (Herodutus) having been celebrated religiously there every 19 years, in the land of the Hyperboreans, so who were they?  They are now known as the clan Hai Breasil in Ireland, whose ancestors were formorian Atlanteans, who sailed to and settled what would be named after them, Brasil, known as Hybrasil in ancient times, having navigated there with the simple ancient mapping method explained in article #2 at

Every 19 years the stonehenge astronomers would move the wooden marker post 3 post holes clockwise, so after 361 years, the post marker would be all the way around the circuit plus 1, and so, a ratchet effect to mark time thereafter, the beginning point one post hole clockwise with every 361 years, and their year of 360 days needed 5 days added, just as did the atlantean olmec Maya across the Atlantic, north of the land of the atlanteans Hai Breasil, whose 19th and final month of the year was only five days, so with 18 months of 20 days each, and the 19th of five added, you can see the obviously direct linkage of the mayan system to that of Stonehenge through their common atlantean roots, so tell your favorite darwinist about all this, they probably haven’t heard it.  And certainly please refer to

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