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Very difficult to swallow for the darwinists (therefore why we need to disseminate it) is the fact that the namesake of the ancient Maya of mesoamerica was Maya, a granddaughter of Posidon.  And who was this Posidon?  Well simply drop the Po, and what do you have?  Sidon, a son of Canaan, great seafarers all, demonstrated with the word root atl from the father of Maya, Atlas, meaning water, that water word-root atl found in languages from the Holy Land (Atlit Yam) to the Atlas mountains of Morocco (the region of the great water-traveller’s home-base also known as Atlan/Aztlan), to the land of the sea god Atlahua and Atlanteotl.

The Americas were named after the Americos/Armoricani tribe, where the Olmecs, meaning rubber people, built their great early civilization during the days of Atlantis, or just after, when the ancient mesoamerican legends and the book Popul Vuh say the earliest ancestors had sailed from across the eastern ocean of their sea god Atlanteotl, the Atlantic, named after Maya’s father Atlas.  So the early Mayans were certainly the “rubber people” Olmecs, with original words for such as turkey, corn, water, and tortilla, common to all the ancient dialects of mesoamerica, proving that they all originated from the “olmec” language, the early form of mayan.

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