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Maya was a daughter of Poseidon in greek mythology, so Atlas was her brother, and Antaeus was another son of Poseidon, the biblical Sidon actually, so can you guess the connection to Mesoamerica across the Atlantic, the western realm of the atlantean empire?  There are atlantean columns holding up the megalithic temples and altars of the ruins at San Augustin near Huila, Colombia, in the ancient land of the Antisuyos, on the northern extreme of the Andes range (named after Antaeus too), near the headwaters of the Rio Magdalena river which flows north into the Caribbean east of Panama.

Often credited as the first city builders in Mesoamerica, the Olmecs (named that later meaning rubber people), I would bet ‘though who called themselves Mayans, are credited as being the forerunners of the mayan people anyway, so the historical continuity is there, and therefore no reason to think that they didn’t call themselves other than after the obvious ancient matriarch from Atlan (Aztlan), she was Maya, a daughter of Sidon, who was a son of Canaan. 

And with the mayan 19 months of the year directly related to the 19 post hole marker moves of 3 (every 19 years) around the outer ring of 56 holes at Stonehenge needed to achieve a circuit plus 1, or 361 (19×19), northern Atlantis linked to her western cities in Mexcio and south to Colombia is further made obvious, with atlantean columns at the temple at Tula (Thule) in central Mexico, and the same in the northern Andes near Huila in Colombia, maybe built by boss Antaeus himself, who measured and navigated the earth with the methodology explained in article #2 at

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