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The mayans say they began the fifth sun of time, after the fourth of the global floods which demarcate the mayan conception of epochs of time, having come over the from Atlan after that fourth flood, but that “fourth” one was merely (compared to Noah’s Flood) the end of the Ice Age sea level rise which consumed about twenty million square miles of low lying land worldwide, sending the people of actually the bronze age (circa 1500 b.c.) into full panic, then adaptation and migration mode, many sailing across the Atlantic to America (named after the Americos “indians”); their language with atl meaning water, such as the emerald from the sea, one of their gods, the plumed serpent, Quetzacoatl, and of course Atlanteotl and Atlahua, among others.

Could it be more clear that they had were displaced Atlanteans, come over not after after a global flood, but when the city of Atlas and all the rest went under when the Ice Age ended?  It’s hard for the darwinists to swallow, but the evidence all lines up.  And since the mayans say they began the new epoch after the “fourth global flood,” what of the Olmecs who are said to have preceded the mayan civilization?  Well since there appears to be a mother tongue from which all the mexican native dialects evolved, the mother tongue was that of the Olmecs, the later mayans apparently having considered the Olmecs just part of their lineage, never mentioning them at all. 

Atlas was the map man, the namesake of Atlantis, who figuratively held up the sky because he could measure the earth by the stars actually, explained in article #2 at, and there are ancient architectural designs depicting such in the Americas, the atlantean columns which held up the temple roof at Tollan (Tula) in the central mexican valley, the archaic stone altar with atlanteans discovered at Potrero Nuevo in Veracruz, and the atlanteans at San Augustin in Colombia, so they say there was no Atlantis?  Checkout certainly

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