Ancient Time Measuring Devices Earth Wobble Cycle Precession Osiris Number 72 Hexagon Mapping Circle Earth Geometry Maui’s Tanawa Crichton Miller Celtic Cross Mayan Staff Power Royal Cubit Exact Half Hunab Ku Mexico Earth Commensurate Measures Antikythera Mechanism Origin Olympic Foot Stadia Great Pyramid Giza Astronomy Cartography

Various ancient mechanical instruments are said to have been used to measure precession (the rate of the earth’s wobble), measured with the ancient Celtic Cross” (patented by Crichton Miller), Maui’s Tanawa (egyptian), the Mayan Staff of Power, and the Antikythera Device (greek), so then why don’t the rank and file archaeometrists who study these things and wonder about the geometry involved incorporate the clear finding in article #2 at in order to make sense of it all?  The reason is that it proves global navigation during the bronze age, and the darwinsits can’t have that, because the bronze age was the time of Nimrod, Job, and Abraham, during the Ice Age, when the middle latitudes of the world were lush with greenery, where now are deserts, that it was during the Ice Age confirmed with the Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings (Hapgood), drawn with the mapping method explained in the link, a nightmare for darwinists.

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