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Researching the origin of the country’s name Brazil, wiki answers says that portuguese explorers in the 1500’s a.d. named it after the brazil tree found there (great for making musical instruments), but the local name for the tree is not brazil, but pernambuco, which ironically sounds portuguese, so what’s up with that?  Breasail is a clan from western Ireland, named after Breasail or Breasil, who lived circa 300 a.d., and St. Brendan of Galway the famous navigator was said to have sailed and evangelized in the Americas circa 700 a.d., so does not then the Hy Brasil (Ui Breasail) origin for that country named Brazil make much more sense?  (And would it not be interesting to know when highly prized “brazil wood” began to pop up in Ireland?)

And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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