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Darwinists would have us believe that navigators certainly had not sailed to the Americas from Europe or Africa (or Asia) before Christopher Columbus’ much ballyhooed voyage back in 1492, over three thousand years after such seafaring is demonstrated to have been achieved by the phoenicians, canaanites sailing really all over the world (just google phoenician global navigation), this notion first seriously proferred by Barry Fell of Harvard back in the 70’s, his term diffusionism, anathema to the over-matched darwinists, as they still stubbornly scream that all humans in the Americas (before Columbus) had walked there from Asia.

So we are expected to believe that “cavemen,” thirty thousand years ago, trudged across the Bering land bridge, progressively settling farther and farther south until when about twenty thousand years later, they built the great ancient cities of Mesoamerica, with pyramids and units of measure (such as the hunab) which indeed are directly related to those of the “old world?”  And what about the term atl, as in Atlantis, Atlan, Atlantic, Atlanteotl, Atlahua, Atitlan, Quetzacoatl, the term atl meaning water, from Israel (Atlit Yam) to Mexico, where almost all the legends of origin speak of Atlan, so did that really all derive from people trudging to the Americas thirty thousand years ago?  See

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