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A big monument, a stone map of China, complete with its vast river systems drawn precisely, was created during the Song Dynasty in China in 1137 a.d. (created to print paper copies), the accuracy of the junctures of the rivers and their tributaries proven when grids of longitude and latitude are laid upon the map, most accurate in the northwest and northeast quadrants, essentially 100%, and about that in the other two quadrants, truly amazing, certainly not achievable by generally known science in the 1100’s, and not at all until the advent of modern chronometry in the 1700’s, so how’d they do that?  The clear and irrefutable answer is in article #2 at, the method by which the ancient source-maps for the stone map were drawn, by the stars.

In Charles Hapgood’s fabulous landmark work, Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings, he says ‘though that the map is inaccurate on the eastern shoreline of China, on the Yellow Sea, the shoreline way too far out, but what Hapgood and many others hadn’t realized is that the source-maps were drawn during the Ice Age, when sea level was much lower, the eastern shoreline on the map is the ice age shoreline, as the kings of the Song Dynasty certainly did not have the means to have said otherwise.  They knew it was the best map they could ever hope to have, drawn from ancient source maps amazingly accurate, from their own experiences, for reasons certainly however unknown to them.

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