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The ancient zapotec sea god was Atlanteotl, who “was condemned to stand at the edge of the world, bearing upon his shoulders the vault of heaven,” which certainly sounds familiar to the legend of Atlas, the meaning of that name atl being water, from the Tauregs of Morocco (read Atlas mountains) to the Aztecs of Mexico (venerating the holy mountain Atalya), the ancestors having sailed the world’s oceans with the surprisingly simple mapping method for navigation which enabled the calculation of great accuracies of distance and direction on a global scale, explained in article #2 at, also the basis of the mayan number system and the means used to establish the length of the ancient mexican hunab, exactly twice the length of the royal cubit, no coincidence.

Like the Aztecs with their veneration of Atalya, across the Atlantic, so too the Portuguese, who say their forefathers sailed into the Bay of Biscay when Atalya was inundated by the sea, the Atland of frisian legned to the north, Atlan (Aztlan) to the ancient Mexicans, and I’d bet Avalon is Atalan, but king-arthurized, so to speak, as the kingdoms of Ys (Keris), Cantre’r Gwaelod, and Lyonesse, in the brittany and cornwall regions, went under too, when the Ice Age ended circa 1500 b.c., part of the empire ancestrally known to the Paria indians of Venezuela as Atlan as well, settlers from Atlantis even having settled high in the Andes (named after Antaeus), the ancient city of Atalaia, of the most ancient “chavin culture.”

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