Biblical Etymology Origin Word Meaning City Cition Kitti Kittim Son of Javan Greek Iawan Ionians Cypress Kupros Copper Ice Age Mining Mixed S Hard C Sound City Cition Bronze Age Copper Supplier Cypress Cition City of Kittim Table Nations Genesis Veracity

From where does the word city derive?  On the isle of Cypress during the bronze age (which was the Ice Age), the big city there was Cition, onshore ruins there so attesting, quite obviously the namesake of the word city, named after Kitti (father of the Kittim), son of Javan, who was known to the Greeks as Iawan, namesake of the Ionians, all in line with the Table of Nations in Genesis 10, a remarkable table of the families which Noah and wife produced, with Javan a son of Japtheth, a son of Noah, known as Deucalion (double lion) to the Ionians.

Cypress was called Kupros meaning copper by the Ionians, that island a major source of that key ingredient (with tin) for the production of bronze in the ancient world, when oceanport cities such as Yarmuta (Canaan), Heraklion (Egypt), and Elafonisos (Greece) were thriving, so should we not expect submerged ruins off Cypress too?  Release the hounds (with scuba)!  There are surely more submerged cities to discover, no doubt among them the ice age oceanport for Kupros.

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