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Young earth creationist, itinerant speaker and writer Bodie Hodge, working for Ken Ham’s Answers in Genesis, wrote an article in March 2010 online called Did Atlantis Exist?  In the article, he notes the atlantean plain in Plato’s story, 200 miles by 300 miles (with the mining mountains to the north), its location unknown to him, but he hasn’t read here under category Atlantis Revealed for the straight skinny, and so appears to be a complete novice, certainly not putting forward the best foot of young earth creationism on the subject of Atlantis, it’s location, he concludes, still unknown.

Ken Ham, head honcho at AIG, has been aware of my work for years, and yet his head is still in the sand, showing great obstinence not apprising his associates of the valuable information at the blogsite of yours truly, http://DancingFromGenesis.com, so let ’em know, they really appear quite foolish on this subject, so for the cause of Christ, please help get them updated, which could be difficult, because Ham, I believe, suffers extremely from professional jealousy, just an opinion, see what he says.

The location of the atlantean plain should be as plain to Ham and Hodge as the noses on their faces, if only they would get out a little bit, the mountains described to the north of the atlantean plain, the rich mining district for gold, silver, and copper (tin for bronze came from Cornwall), were the Sierra Morena and Nevada mountains, with the plain of southern Spain to the south, the atlantean plain, much of it now submerged off the coast.

So please show this http://genesisveracityfoundation.com to the Hamster.

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