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Ken Ham at Answers in Genesis has been aware of my work for several years now, but yet, one of his underlings, Bodie Hodge, has an article published at their website for March 2010, the article entitled “Did Atlantis Exist?”  Hodge writes as a complete novice on the subject, seemingly ignorant of the years of research here under category Atlantis Revealed, which should Hodge eventually digest, would force him to rewrite that article, the poor guy is clueless.

Hodge, a traveling speaker for AIG, doesn’t realize that Posidon was Sidon, a son of Canaan, and he says Kittim was Chronos, but when Chronos, the time man, was Ham, as Sidon was a grandson of his, and Atlas, a son of Sidon, the Posidon of Plato’s story, those ancients who practiced the astronomical geometric mapping method explained in article #2 at, that method, deduced by yours truly, which contacts at AIG have told me is nonsense, so you can see their professional jeolosy.

The apparently willful ignorance in the article further is demonstrated with Hodge’s ostensible failure to have read in Plato’s account that Atlantis extended inside the Pillars of Hercules to Italy and Libya, and outside the Pillars (Gibraltar) as well, submerged ruins reported at many locations off Morocco and southern Spain, which Hodge does not mention at all, so I hope those of you who subscribe to the AIG material will refer them please to category Atlantis Revealed here.

And see, so why can’t Hamco see it, please help guide him to it again.

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