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I saw a cool picture of an ancient defensive rock wall which covered the lower 2/3’s of a cave entrance in Thessaly (mainland) Greece from ice age times, they say over twenty thousand years ago, but really, when you consider that there are over three hundred bronze age sites in Greece which were abandoned when the nearby streams or lakes dried up, that puts the end of the Ice Age in bronze age times (when rainfall in Greece greatly curtailed to today’s level), not good for the darwinists’ timeline.

Ancient walls across the cave entrances were for protection from wild animals, many of them large and dangerous there in Greece during the Ice Age, and protection from the probably much-more-rare human invaders, because there really was plenty of food and water in ice age Greece, as described by Plato in his Atlantis account, when the greek kings he names from that timeframe are Erectheus, Cecrops, and Erysichthon, lived just after the end of the Ice Age, just after the flood of Ogyges, which is the greek recollection of the end of the Ice Age (along with Plato’s Atlantis account with date corrected).


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