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Almost all the ancient cultures, Sumerian, Indus, and Greek among them, have ancestral recollections of the global flood, the stories ‘though differing in details almost all have the same basic theme, total global destruction with the survivors having lived through it on a vessel to repopulate the earth.  A few of the flood legends are clearly reportage of the end-of-the-ice-age sea level rise, such as the legend of the submergence of Kususthali in the Gulf of Kutch, written in the indian vedas (“undecifered” Indus language verse with semitic alphabet applied), but the vast majority of the six hundred or so ancient legends are clearly about the global flood, the one also described like in a ship’s log in the book of Genesis, a truly remarkable account, absolutely written by eyewitness (see article #13 at

A few ancient people groups clearly opposed to the accurate reportage of what had transpired (the global destruction by water) were the canaanites (including the hittites) and the egyptians.  The canaanites didn’t seem to have had a legend of the global flood, only having worshipped the fishtailed Dagon, who may have been Noah deified, but not with his real history, as the canaanites were the mortal enemies of the hebrews, the keepers of the historically accurate Genesis account, the canaanites who would have destroyed the hebrews and their book if they could have.  And the egyptians said that Isis stopped what would have been a global flood instigated by Re, who was Atum Re, who was Adam, so you can see where the egyptians were on accurate history, way out there, quite creative ‘though however wouldn’t you say?

When Darwin, Hutton, and Lyell came along, they were virtually unopposed because christains at that time didn’t know how to explain high mountains with marine fossils in them, but then again neither did the uniformitarians, however, darwinism and its great ages stuck, the church offering little rebuttal, because the knowledge of plate tectonics and mountain building, which actually happened quite rapidly (see, had not yet entered the scientific knowledge base, but now we have it, so christian students and pastors have no excuse not to defend the faith, all of the Bible, from cover to cover, all truth as Jesus instructed.  Do you really think that Jesus thought that animals had been morphing into new kinds of animals for millions of years?  What did he say?

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