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Deepak Chopra, the mystical pantheist, says orthodox science no longer serves a purpose, and atheist-skeptic Michael Shermer says Chopra’s New Age mumbo jumbo cannot even be intelligently debated, so who’s right in all this?  ABC freely chose those two to debate the existence of God, but certainly an odd choice in Chopra, who thinks the creation is god, saying for instance that if you acknowledge the existence of a rock, then you acknowledge the existence of God, how Zen, but really just hindu pantheism, hardly the scientist and bible student to debate the existence of the creator God, Elohim. 

Perhaps ABC should reschedule Shermer with yours truly, we’ll debate the veracity of Genesis, getting right to the matter, real Genesis history, the evidences for it, and we’ll see what he says.  Can the knowledgable skeptic rebut that the term species is meaningless and that only about twenty-thousand syngameons of animals need have been on Noah’s Ark?  What will he say about the submerged bronze age ruins found in many parts of the world?  And how would he try to rebut the material in article #13 at

Deepak and Shermer should see

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