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Patriarch of ancient indian archaeology, the legendary S. R. Rao (of submerged ruins fame), has posited that the people of northwest India circa 1500 b.c. invented the semitic alphabet and then applied it to the currently undecifered Indus language to produce the Sanskrit written language, the spoken words of Sanskrit essentially the same as the anciently spoken Indus language, both Sanskrit writing and the Indus script expressing the same much-spoken language of India today.  Sanskrit expresses the Indus language, but with a different writing system, using an ancient semitic alphabet.

Dr. Rao strangely thinks the semitic alphabet originated in India, and then was taught to the Hebrews and Canaanites, but when you realize the key to deciphering the Indus Script is that the submerged city of Kususthali (now submerged in the Bay of Kutch) was named after the biblical Kush, thali being an Indus script sign looking much like a triton meaning ocean port (thalassocracy), it’s apparent that the proto semitic alphabet for Sanskrit was imported to India, not the other way around, of course comporting with the Genesis account, even the submergence of Kususthali circa 1500 b.c., Exodus time.  See

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