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In 1837 Colonel Howard Vyse dynamited the southern face of the Great Pyramid of Giza where the southern star shaft outlets from deep within the Great Pyramid at the King’s Chamber, the exterior explosion which blew off the outer two layers of masonry there on the southern face, revealing a piece of wrought iron plate, the full plate which probably was some sort of door or gateway for the king’s star shaft, iron having been the metal of heaven to the ancient Egyptians, who saw the iron from meteorites as from the gods.

But this was not meteoric iron (of much higher nickel content), this was a manmade wrought iron plate, B’ja or Ba-en-pet to the Egyptians, ‘though manmade, still the metal of heaven, and the plate surely not inserted centuries later, because Flinders Petrie later examined the piece of the plate to see that an imprint of a nummulite (sea fossil) from the limestone of the surrounding Great Pyramid’s masonry was apparent in the old rust of the plate, inserted in the masonry when it was built 4,000 years ago.

This all proves that the Great Pyramid was a vehicle through which to attempt immortality in the Duat, following Osiris (who was Cain), the whole scheme ‘though predicated on the creation, not the Creator of it all, the Egyptians having measured and worshipped the World Tree, the Djed, around which the constellations appear to rotate because of the wobble of it, the axis of the earth, as the earth spins and rotates around the sun, see article #2 at, the royal cubit length for the dimensions of the Great Pyramid having been thereby derived, earth commensurate.

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