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The darwinists are essentially in agreement that homo sapiens first evolved in Africa, then migrated away from there, supposedly having lived in the Levant, just northeast of Africa, for thirty thousand years (from 60k to 30k years ago), coexistent there with “neanderthals,” but yet, most darwinists still say it’s uncertain that “neanderthals” were human; such are the depths of the disingenousnesses to which the darwinists will sink trying to salvage some “missing links” when however there are none.

The clearly human neanderthals played music (bone flutes) and buried their dead, and they couldn’t all have lived in caves (right?), so where are the evidences of their stone and wooden housing remains, the refuse of those people, their animals, and buriels, through tens of thousands of years by a population totalling surely many millions through that time?

Those “neanderthals” were just Canaanites during the Ice Age, when the cloudcover was so dense that sunlight was blocked much of the time resulting in rickets for many, the volcanics at that time having resulted in the exaggerated carbon 14 results for the lives of the “neanderthals” and the “homo sapiens,” who are said to have lived together for about thirty thousand years, but perhaps not having interbred, a tough pill to swallow.

And since the Ice Age ended much later than we’re being told, proven by the submerged ruins of canaanite Yarmuta and Atlit Yam off the Levant, it’s apparent that the earliest settlers in the Levant were the biblical tribes of Canaan, followed a millenium later by the Hebrews, who fled Egypt when the climate changed drastically beginning circa 1500 b.c., when the sea level rose, submerging Yarmuta and Atlit Yam, and Menouthis and Heraklion off Egypt, and many other ruins now found submerged in many parts of the world, comporting with the biblical model of course.  See too http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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