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Supposedly first homo habilis, then homo erectus, next followed by neanderthals (all of rare few samples), have been generically “homo” hunter-gatherers since two million years ago (according to the darwinian scheme), and because that oft’ used monicker (hunter-gatherer) necessitates that they cooperated in groups for shelter, production of tools, gathering of the grain and fruit, hunting, and mutual protection, where are the remains of the ostensibly billions of homos who should have lived and produced during two million years? 

Think about it, say only a few million of the “human ancestors” were living at any one time through those two million years, the total then during that long timeframe would should have been a billion or two, who were doing everything we could do with the knowledge base and technology available to them.  So where is the settlement refuse, at least, for those two billion people who would have lived in mostly the-same-because-best geographic locations through two million years?  And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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