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Have you ever seen a map of the Mediterranean showing the bronze age ocean port cities there circa 2000 b.c.?  I haven’t, for good reason, the Ice Age ended much later than most experts are willing to admit, so for instance the famous submerged ruins of Menouthis and Heraklion off Egypt, and Atlit Yam off Israel, and the underwater ruins of old Sidon and Tyre, and Yarmuta, submerged off Lebanon, among many others throughout the Mediterranean, surely are not indicated on bronze age maps of the Mediterranean because the dates of their submergence “is a mystery,” but really not, when you plug in the biblical model and timeline, the sea level rose circa 1500 b.c., not 10000 b.c. as darwinists say.

And why was the great phoenician port city of Carthage, Cart Hadasht (meaning city new), built on the mediterranean coast so late in the game circa 1000 b.c.?  It’s because the old city, the city upon which the design of Carthage was based, submerged circa 1500 b.c., the concentric ringed city of Atlantis, named after Atlas, previously known as the city of his father, legendary Posidon, who was Sidon (a son of Canaan), who built now submerged old Sidon and helped build the City of Posidon too, the seafloor ruins of which may be those reported thirty miles south of Cadiz, Spain, Gades, another son of Posidon, do you see how it all fits together with the biblical model?

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