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On the inner face of the enclosure wall of the ancient egyptian Temple of Edfu near Luxor, it’s written that the temple was built by the dictates of the Ancestors, also known as the Seven Sages, the Senior Ones, and the Followers of Horus, who lived on he Primeval Mound, which was consumed by a flood, the Seven Sages having ostensibly created the new world after the flood, the temples according to their design, for instance, of the Great Pyramid of Giza, embodying pi and half-a-nautical-mile in base-perimeter-length, as explained in article #2 at, the Seven Sages, as Nu or Manu (Noah) was relegated to a water god or god of the western mountain where the dead go, leaving the Seven Sages the others on the Bible’s Noah’s Ark, if the truth be told.

Another egyptian flood legend says that it came but was stopped before it destroyed everything by Isis, also known as Neit, Athena to the Greeks, who was the Naamah in the Bible, Naamu to the Babylonians, apparently Hams’s wife, who helped bring the religion of Cain, the erstwhile Osiris, through the Deluge, embodied in the Giza complex, where the Sphinx “from the First Time” faces due east, precisely east, with precision achievable only by very accurate geometric timekeeping as explained in the link.  And see that the true rendition of all this was record by eyewitnesses in article #13 at

The Egyptians, progeny of their main patriarch Khem (Ham), obviously distorted real history in not so subtle ways, not that difficult ‘though really, considering only eight survived the flood, so it then was a your-story-against-mine kind of thing, carrying the lie even further making poor Adam, Atum Re, with the Sphinx facing due east, awaiting the resurrection each day of the sun, worshipping the creation rather than the Creator, rebelling against God.

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