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During the pyramid age in ancient Egypt, back in old kingdom times circa 2200 b.c, on the summer solstice, the sun rose where the star Regulus, at the heart of the lion of the constellation Leo, was on the horizon, twenty-eight degrees north of due east along the horizon, as the Great Sphinx stared due east, and I really mean due east, because they knew true north too, the Great Pyramid perfectly aligned to it, having necessitated precession timekeeping, the riddle solved in article #2 at

Written circa 1450 b.c., in the Book of What is in the Duat, it’s stated that there is a district of the Duat (meaning dawning eye) which is 440 cubits by 440 cubits, this district obviously where the dawning eye of the sun rises at the horizon, Horus of the horizon, the dawning son of Osiris, those dimensions the same as the base-perimeter length of the Great Pyramid, explained in the link, so know that the royal cubit length was predicated on precession time.

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