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Edgar Cayce, the supposed seer into the past and future, said he was from Atlantis, submerged by the sea circa 9600 b.c., in lockstep with Plato’s date, and strangely, with the commonly accepted mainstream date for the end of the Ice Age at around 10000 b.c.  The occultic Mr. Cayce accurately “predicted” that submerged ruins would be found off Bimini, of Atlantis (but not all of it), the enigmatic ruins which have been documented at many offshore locations there through the years.  But were those phoenician-looking megalithic constructions now found on the shallow seafloor really built 8,000 years before such constructions were ostensibly resumed circa 2000 b.c.? 

Supposedly the preeminent expert on the Giza complex in Egypt, Mark Lehner, first studied under Cayce back in the 70’s, but now he’s sworn off Cayce’s teachings on Atlantis, and that it thrived 12,000 years ago, as Cayce said, with the records of destroyed Atlantis having been buried somewhere in the Giza Plateau in the “Hall of Records,” yet not found, probably not to be, because Cayce had the date wrong for the end of the Ice Age, and so, his mystical “advanced” civilization from implausibly far back is just more new age tripe, to fool humanity into believing in UFO’s and whatnot, while but the Bible rings true.

And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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