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The Tula tree of ancient Mexico and the ancient Thule culture of the arctic, known to the ancient Greeks as Thule Land, what’s the connection?  Timekeeping, for geometry is the connection, as the ancient Tula tree of archaic Mexico is symbolic of the earth’s axis, for religious purposes, the earth’s axis known to the ancients to wobble at the rate of 72 years/degree, the basis of the olympic greek foot length, the origin of the royal cubit measure, and the mexican hunab length used for the Pyramid of the Sun, all from the methodology explained in article #2 at, how true north, at the north pole, was determined by the ancients, which enabled them to measure and map the earth during the Ice Age.

As demonstrated online with the “Independence I” cultural and geomorphic evidence on the coast of northern Greenland, circa 2000 b.c., the arctic ocean was ice free, with intense wave action on the beaches there, now locked in by ice, so with the mapping method explained in the link, these were mariners up from the ice age european continent, by sea, known to the ancient greeks as Thule land, the land of the polar axis, symbolized with the Tula Tree, the World Tree, the axis of the earth, which slowly wobbles as the earth spins and rotates around the sun.

An obvious connection has been established between Rapanui (Easter Island), and its RongoRongo script, with the Rama empire, known as the lost Indus Valley Civilization, and its script (google RongoRongo Indus Valley Scripts Young Earth Creationism), with the seafaring know-how demonstrated in the link above, and perhaps by the south polar route no less, because the Oronteus Finaeus Map, one of the Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings, very precisely shows Antarctica, a marvel to mainstream scientists, so let’s give ’em a heads up, for the sake of intellectual honesty.

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