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In citing the Second Baptist Church in Houston, Texas, for their blatant ignorance of young earth creationism teaching material, it’s because I attend there, this morning for instance, pastor Ed Young asking the congregation “do you believe all of the Bible?”  His ostensibly serious question was in reference to giving, as in “give and it shall be given unto you,” while he engaged in the annual call for tithing pledges.  But as I sat there, of course the first thing which popped into my mind was “well he doesn’t believe all of the Bible anyway, just look at the church bookstore, completely bereft of young earth creationism material, what a hypocrite (with all due respect).” 

Here’s my point, when a kid reads the Bible, for instance the part about Noah’s Flood and how the eight people began to reproduce after that flood which destroyed the world, he/she might ask “where did they live after the flood, and how long did it take them to spread all over the world?”  Good questions, wouldn’t you say?  I wonder if Ed Young has been asked.  I’d like to hear him answer it from the pulpit for all the kids to hear, because after all, he says he believes all of the Bible, and I would think that would include the book of Genesis, but not from the looks of the bookstore there for sure.

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