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Christian paleontologist Mary Schweitzer says biblical religion is a faith thing, while science is an evidence thing, in her revealing interview at http://SmithsonianMag.com/science-nature/dinosaur.html, about soft cell tissues from dinosaurs discovered in t-rex bones from sedimentary strata in Montana and Argentina said to be about 65 million years old.  And as the title of the article is Dinosaur Shocker, the christian Schweitzer’s insistance that those bones really are that old is ironic, after all, it certainly is a shocker to the darwinists that such tissue exists in dinosaur bones; didn’t Schweitzer clear the title for the article?  Should a bible-believing christian not see the import of soft tissue from certainly not so long ago?  The pursuit of tenure will do strange things to some people, perhaps in this case.

The Smithsonian is well aware of all this, even having helped form the Museum of the Rockies, where Jack Horner, mentor of Schweitzer, plies his trade, confirming red corpuscles, hemoglobin, collagen, elastin, and blood vessels, not to mention proteins, from dinosaur bones, many of them discovered there in Montana, while Schweitzer works on all this at North Carolina State, in the shadow of the Smithsonian’s museum in Maryland where is the “Dinosaur Graveyard in the Smithsonian’s Backyard,” and how many of those have soft tissue too?  Will they carbon 14 date this organic material?  How about DNA cloning, Jurassic Park anyone?  And why haven’t we heard more about all this?

See http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, real good stuff.  Listen at http://jamesnienhuisradio.com.

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