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It’s strange that the news of a Nobel Prize for work on telomeres, which are the caps on the end of chromosomes, the health of which determines your cells’ abilities to regenerate when damaged, has not received more attention in the media, but then again, maybe not, because these telomeres are the main reason that the life spans of humankind dropped from six hundred years to two hundred years within just more than a few generations after the Flood, where a genetic bottleneck occurred, with the genes for healthier telomeres perhaps not as great in that population of eight on the Ark, whose offspring were no doubt stressed during the Ice Age in the post Flood world, when but what now the deserts of the world were green, what the Middle East and North Africa looked like during the days of Aram, Elam, Canaan, Heber, Joktan, and all the rest listed in Genesis 10. 

The recipients of the Nobel Prize for their work on telomeres, Elizabeth Blackburn, Carol Grieder, and Jack Szostak, maybe don’t know what they’ve really come upon, confirmation of the biblical account of the great longevities of the patriarchs before and after the Flood, then decreasing in length drastically within several generations, those were ‘the gods,” such as Sidon (Posidon), Tiras (Thor), and Chiron/Chronos (Ham), who lived longer than their grandkids, and so, were seen as at least demigods to their progenies, certainly understandable.  And as the Nobel Prize winning trio’s work establishes that telomeres and teleomerase, when made healthier by less stress and nutritional enhancement, prolong the buidling block DNA’s ability to reproduce, to replace damaged DNA, that life was more stressful after the Flood than before is confirmed.  See too

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