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Please presume for a moment that the book of Genesis rendering of ancient history is fully accurate, as claimed by Jesus Christ himself, so then, what does that young earth creationist’s global flood model predict which might be born out demonstrably in nature and archaeology, and are there evidences which only that biblical model can explain?  In other words, are there unresovled engimas of science because of the commonly accepted mainstream scientific assumptions which however are nicely accommodated with the inerrant biblical assumptions?  The answer is a resounding yes, so read on.

The fountains of the deep noted in the book of Genesis were the main source of the water for Noah’s Flood, water from within the earth, and so, quite warm when extruded, and since only a warmer ocean could have been the engine (by more evaporation off it) for the much greater cloudcover and precipitation of the Ice Age, the biblical model provides a clear reckoning of how that Ice Age occurred, which still baffles the adherents of the mainstream model who cluelessly (except for the biblical model) wonder why the Ice Age occurred.

Since the bible indicates Noah’s Flood destroyed the pre-flood world circa 2350 B.C. (with the Ice Age after that), predictably there should be bronze age stone ruins on the shallow seafloor submerged since the end of the Ice Age, certainly the case, with hundreds of sites of submerged ruins reported in many regions of the world (see category Submerged Ancient Ruins), inundated by the sea circa 1500 B.C., conforming with ancient legends such as in the indian Rig Veda, that sea level rise with the end of the Ice Age.

The Table of Nations (Genesis 10) is a rather lengthy accounting of the clans of Noah’s offspring which repopulated the earth in the aftermath of the Noah’s Flood during the Ice Age, so are those names to be found within known ancient etymologies as expected, and do ancient ancestor-worship mythologies dovetail beautifully with the people chronicled in the Table of Nations?  Yes indeed, for instance in the line of Ham, Canaan’s son Sidon, who founded Sidon on the shores of the eastern Mediterranean during the Ice Age, was Posidon, father Sidon, of ancient greek lore, who helped found Atlantis during the Ice Age at the other end of the Mediterranean, along with Tarshish, a grandson of Noah’s son Japheth.

Despite that the bible doesn’t mention the sons of Sidon who helped him settle at various locations along the Mediterranean coastline during the Ice Age, the greek historian Plato does however, one of them, Atlas, the map man, who measured and charted the earth by its wobble rate (see article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com), confirmed by the ancient name of the Atlas mountains, and as Plato wrote, the namesake of the Atlantic too, an ancient pioneer of the sea, whose kingdom is now known to the Mexicans across the Atlantic as Atlan, or Aztlan, what in reality was ice age Atlantis.

And what of Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, treated as writ by those supposedly in the know, does it really make sense to you that primordial goo eventually morhped into you through many generations of adaptation?  Did you know that the vast majority of biblical kinds (syngameons) of animals in the fossil record are still extant today?  So what does that say about the basic theme of darwinism, that the unfit die-out over time, and therefore, how could the vast majority of syngameons have survived through hundreds of millions of years as proposed by the scheme of the darwinists?  These questions which they plainly can’t answer, so when you hear folks demeaning Sarah Palin’s belief in the biblical account of history, give them some of these little known facts.  See http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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