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While clearing an open pit mining site for a magnetite (iron ore) extraction operation in the Torne river valley of the border region of Finland and Sweden, workers there discovered the remains of an ancient settlement which dated by carbon 14 back to Ice Age times, however, that region was supposedly covered by the vast polar icepack of the Ice Age, so what do mainstream scientists have all wrong about this?  What are they clearly missing?

Accolytes of the darwinian timeline either don’t realize or admit that only a warmer ocean could have been the cause for the Ice Age, to have produced all that cloudcover, so the nearby Baltic Sea (into which the Torne flows), ‘though much lower then, was warmer than today, so that river valley just to the north, in Tornedalen, was lush and temperate, with warmer winters and cooler summers because of the dense cloudcover of the Ice Age, really quite obvious to most.

On the far northern coast of Greenland, where now are only icebergs and barren tundra, with no vegetation but lichen in the summer, were discovered the remains of the “Independence I Culture,” also baffling to mainstream scientists because the shoreline geology there indicates that large waves once buffeted that coastline, now choked by polar ice year ’round, the Arctic Ocean was open back then, now mostly covered with polar ice, all because back during the single Ice Age, the world ocean was warmer, quite a bit warmer, heated from below by “the fountains of the deep” mentioned in the book of Genesis.

The ancient source maps for the medieval Zeno Map of the North Atlantic, fantastically accurate, much more accurate than what medieval navigational and cartographic acumen could offer, shows the mountain ranges of Greenland which are now mostly beneath thousands of feet of ice, indicating that the map was drawn before the Ice Age icepack had built up upon it, really unthinkable to mainstream scientists, but there it is, geomorphologically very accurately drawn, somebody was there when the Ice Age was just beginning, see

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