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In the greek historian Plato’s account about Atlantis, he said that Greece, the bitter rival of Atlantis, was much greener back then, with many more streams, huge forests, and rich pastures, where clans could pretty much settle anywhere to make a living off the land, born out certainly by about three hundred sites of bronze age settlements discovered in Greece, long ago abandoned when the nearby streams and lakes dried up, from the time when Greece obviously received much more rainfall, telling us there was a catastrophic climate change which had greatly altered the hydrology of Greece by Plato’s time, where such fertility of the land was then just a fond legendary memory, but born out by the bronze age archaeology of Greece.

Note that Plato clearly describes bronze age metallurgy, stone temple construction, weaponry, and oceangoing battleships, in his story about the maritime rivalry between Atlantis and Greece, rendering his date of 9600 B.C. for the sinking of Atlantis (and much of Greece) implausible archaeologically, so what of that climate change which greatly affected bronze age Greece, which actually occurred in the timeframe that another greek legendary flood, at the time of kings Dardanus and Ogyges (of which Plato seems ignorant) is said to have consumed much of Greece?

When you realize that the much greater cloudcover and rainfall in the middle latitudes of the world, such as over Greece and the Gibraltar region, during the bronze age was due to the greater worldwide cloudcover of the Ice Age, it all makes sense; the greater cloudcover because the ocean was warmer, for greater evaporation for the greater cloudcover, and then, when the ocean had cooled, the cloudcover dissipated, the Ice Age ended, when Greece and the rest of the nations in the middle latitudes dried out greatly, as the Ice Age icepacks rapidly melted off the continents, raising sea level a few hundred feet, the flood which consumed Atlantis and much of Greece, and other bronze age ruins now submerged in many parts of the world, little discussed by mainstream scientists for obvious reasons.

The Black Sea was infilled when the Ice Age ended, filling what had been a huge inland lake then connected to the world ocean when the sea level rose with the end of the Ice Age, that flood known to the russians as the flood of Dardan, sound familiar?  And there are bronze age ruins submerged in the Black Sea, as also off Plato’s Greece, and southern Spain, and Egypt and Canaan too, all submerged since the end of the Ice Age, actually according to the biblical timeline, when the Exodus occurred, so when Sarah Palin says there is good reason to believe the biblical timeline, it’s because of some very compelling corroborative evidence.

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