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Just as Rush Limbaugh has been saying on the air lately, public school educators must now have their classroom textbooks rewritten in the afterburn of the global-warming-data-manipulation scandal, where we have smoking gun evidence that the numbers have been cooked by global warming alarmist scientists for decades, to fraudulently indicate that we have been experiencing runaway global warming since the 1960’s, flying in the face of the now almost universally known fact that there has been no global warming this decade, thus fully ruling out any anthropogenic causation of global warming, but only occasionally greater solar activity being the cause.

The economic oppression on businesses and households, if those tax crazy global warming measures are passed, boggles the mind, lending credence to that the global warming data scandal is the greatest hoax in history, but surely the almost-forced acceptance of darwinism upon the mostly ignorant public is an even greater fraud in scientific history, with perhaps billions having gone to their graves thinking that they had morphed from tree shrews, which previously had morphed from fish, or whatever, etc., back to that good ol’ primordial ooze; goo to you as I like to call it, what a shame, and they treat it as fact, which is really enough to give kids nightmares when you think about it.

The biogenic darwinists’ dirty little secret is that Darwin’s term species is meaningless, because different species can interbreed, sometimes up to the family level on the darwinists’ phylogenetic tree, so the operative term for interfertile breeding groups (what the term species is supposed to mean) is the term syngameons, with only thousands of these breeding groups which need have been on Noah’s Ark, not millions of species (as mocked by the skeptics of the biblical account). 

By the time you group together interfertile species of birds, and of bears, horses, deer, lizards, cattle, cats, dogs, and all the rest, only about twenty thousand biblical kinds (syngameons) of animals need have been on Noah’s Ark, which floated upon the cataclysmic global-encompassing waters, before the mountains began to poke through because of tectonic activity below, the runaway plate tectonics of Noah’s Flood, outlined at, and in the free ebook download of my first book Old Earth? Why Not!

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