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Pope Benedict is signaling to the world that the hierarchy of the catholic church in Rome has decided UFO’s are real, through statements from the Pope’s chief astronomer Gabriel Funes in scientific symposia, and five national tv appearances on italian airwaves by Corrado Balducci of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, stating the evidence is clear that we have been visited by physical beings from outer space, saying the notion of other civilizations on other planets in the cosmos does not violate the history recorded in the Holy Bible.

But scripture says all of creation has groaned since the Fall in the Garden (of Adam and Eve and the rest of creation because of the couple’s cooperation with the Devil), and that would include aliens from outer space, certainly to be considered part of the creation, so does Pope Benedict think the space aliens are coming here to listen to a salvation message from Charles Stanley or Reinhard Bonnke?  I doubt it, so you can see the biblically irresponsible stance of the catholics’ Vatican on this controversial issue, bending to the whims of pop culture, where space alien fever has hit the planet, with many hoping superior beings will come from outer space to disprove the Bible, demonstrating that the Vatican is playing into the hands of those who would undermine the veracity of the holy scriptures.

In the end times, spoken of in the book of Revelation, it’s stated that the population of the world will be fooled by signs and wonders performed through power from the Devil, that even the elect (Christians) would be fooled if it were possible, but the truly born again will see through all this, knowing that angels, both fallen and righteous, can appear to have physical substance in the natural world, probably some of the UFO sightings, these “craft” which stop on a dime from great velocity, of course impossible according to physics, clearly indicating a spiritual aspect to these sightings.

And much of the pop culture boogaboo about space aliens is that they were ostensibly the only ones indeed capable of the accurate time measurements for the precise alignment and earth commensurate dimensions for the Great Pyramid of Giza, reflecting the need to have very accurately measured the size of the earth, that of which the ancients were purportedly incapable, but when you analyze the information in article #2 at, you’ll see how they did it, without space alien assistance, so with this issue settled, perhaps the Vatican should reconsider its current position that darwinian evolution is scientifically valid, by going back to what the Bible actually says, not what pop science and culture says it must say.

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