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Labor intensive terrace farming, to retain limited rainfall, began in the hills of Judea of the Holy Land with the unification of Israel under King David circa 1000 B.C. (and then “the richest man in the world” King Solomon), where previously, the Hebrews under the Judges, and before that, the long since vanquished Canaanites, farmed lowland fields watered by natural flows, obviously from much greater rainfall than fell at David’s time when terrace farming in the highlands was necessitated for his newly unified nation.

Such was ingenuity out of necessity demonstrated by the tribes of the young nation of Israel, maximizing limted water resources for great farm output, as now the nation of Israel leads the world in irrigation technology for very arid regions, with their clever computerized trickle-drip irrigation technology, bringing the needed amount of water to the root systems of crops, with the technology to maximize the oxygen content at the water-root interface, allowing yields per acre which lead the world, in the tradition of King Solomon.

Solomon ruled in the Holy Land when the climatology was similar to today, not at all the conditions only five hundred years previously when the Canaanites had no need for water retention techniques due to the much greater rainfall amounts at that time, before the catastrophic climate change which reduced most of Israel to desert, when the Ice Age ended, when the Jews departed from Egypt under Moses to begin their roundabout journey to that Promised Land, the land of milk and honey.

The Holy Land when the Canaanites had dominated was a land of milk and honey, without water retention techniques, necessitated by the time of King David, living in the highlands where most of the by-then severely limited rain fell, as it is today in Israel, where with David’s ancient terrace farming techniques (also practiced at that time around the world), and the ingenious computerized trickle-drip technology, modern Israel is once again the leader of the world in sophisticated agricultural techniques for bountiful and diverse harvests in really quite unfavorable conditions, yet the Holy Land blooms.

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