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Barack Obama intends to sign the United Nation’s global warming treaty in December in Copenhagen, but treaties must be ratified by two thirds vote of the U. S. Senate, so does Obama really expect almost all the Democrats and half the Republicans in the Senate to  ratify such a thing, or does our current president plan to enforce the treaty on Americans without Senate ratification as I’ve read he may be planning to do?  If put to a national referendum here in America, I would bet the global warming treaty would be rejected by 70% of Americans, but what might our elected leaders have up their sleave? 

Why would Obama sign the United Nations global warming treaty if he knew he didn’t have the necessary Senate support?  Are our Senators ignorant of the fact that the proposed climate change debt treaty would transfer American wealth to the Third World countries because the Western nations have been evil energy consumers?  With the treaty, unelected global officials would dictate U. S. energy policy, effectively seizing our means of production, making a mockery of our Constitutional rights, which makes it imperative that we vote out these global socialists and Drill Here Drill Now, as Sarah Palin would have it, so let’s get started in 2010 with the midterm elections, and be sure to contact your Senator about Obama’s treaty plans, intending to sign over our constitutional rights to the UN.

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