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Now that Rush Limbaugh has been dropped from the investment group seeking to buy the NFL’s St. Louis Rams, he is turning hard against those who destroyed his NFL ownership dream by lying about what he has said on the air, supposedly having said slavery has its merits, and that Martin Luther King’s murderer should have been given a Medal of Honor, certainly heinous things to say, but Rush did not say them, so CNN, MSNBC, and Jack Huberman can expect to soon be sued by El Rushbo, as he has already indicated that he will, with great wrath in being excluded from the NFL over lies about the content of his number one radio show.

Jack Huberman wrote 101 People Who Are Really Screwing Up America, and on page 232, he mentions the slavery line attributed to Limbaugh, but without show date in the footnotes attributed, so Huberman, without proof that Limbaugh said that, apparently quoted by CNN and MSNBC among others, such as ESPN, are all facing legal action from Limbaugh, seeking damages for the obviously malicious and libelous statements made against him on the air for days on end, but now, the chickens will come home to roost, and I hope many NFL fans boycott the games this weekend in protest of this great wrong systematically perpetrated against Mr. Limbaugh. 

Rush is not a racist, he favors an even playing field, without affirmative action, so that makes him a racist?  Most Americans oppose affirmative action, so Limbaugh is in the mainstream, as he is on almost all the issues, but the left wing mainstream media refuses to believe it, and so they try to destroy him, however at their peril, because now, Limbaugh can claim damages in the hundreds of millions of dollars agaisnt CNN and MSNBC, which really may be the best outcome possible out of all this, sure to bring much media attention to the courtroom drama, although I bet CNN and MSNBC will try to settle out of court, not wanting to bring their own media attention to it, which would certainly make most of us to heartily laugh at the left wing media’s ongoing buffoonery.

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