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I suppose Ibraham Darwish still works in Alexandria, Egypt, for the Department of Antiquities there, nothing much new about him on the internet, but I recall an article several years ago where he was quoted saying that there are sites of submerged ruins (presumably stone) west from Alexandria for about two hundred miles, in addition to the huge stone cities of Menouthis and Heraklion now submerged on the channel of the extinct canopic branch of the Nile, about twenty miles northeast of Alexandria, so why have we not heard more reports about all this, could it be that the timing for the sea level rise which consumed these cities is inconvenient for the standard timeframe for the end of the Ice Age?  Bingo.

Ibrahim Darwish was also quoted saying the submerged ruins photographed so far of Heraklion and Menouthis are just the tip of the iceberg, only “1% of what’s down there,” with many more ruins apparently in deeper water along that western most submerged and extinct canopic mouth of the Nile, the major port gateway to the Mediterranean for old kingdom Egypt, but probably controlled by the Canaanites who were master mariners too, actually during the Ice Age, confirmed by Hapgood’s Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings.

David Hatcher Childress in his fascinating book Lost Cities of the Mediterranean notes that the classical Greeks thought the already ancient megalithic ruins along the coast of North Africa west of Egypt were built by Chronus, or Chronos, the time man, associated with Atlas, master mariners and stonemasons too (the Temehu or Libyans to the egyptians), who built along the southern shore of the Mediterranean all the way to Morocco, and north of Gibraltar, the cities of Atlantis, now submerged off southern Spain and Morocco (see category Atlantis Revealed), submerged when the Menouthis and Heraklion and the other sites cited by Mr. Darwish along the coast. 

There is no mystery to these submerged ruins, when you realize the Ice Age began to end circa 1500 B.C., with almost all the sea level rise done by 1400 B.C., and radical desiccation in the middle latitudes for centuries thereafter, when the bronze age collapsed into the dark age, with mass migrations, by land and sea, confirmed by the arrival of the Sea People to invade Egypt around 1200 B.C., many no doubt from the Atlantean Empires, whose namesake legendary Atlas, a son of Sidon, son Canaan, navigated by the same method used to survey the dimensions for the Great Pyramid of Giza, as explained in article #2 at

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