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The earth’s crust is thin relative to the (steam) water-saturated semi-molten mantle material below, it’s like the skin on the flesh of a very hot apple, so crumpled mountain ranges are no surprise, crumpled (so to speak) by continental drift, the term coined by Alfred Wegener, the concept however incepted by young earth creationist christian Antonio Snyder Pellegrini back in 1858, who noted that the continents fit nicely together when slid back to their original configuration as the great supercontinent of Pangea.  Pellegrini saw rapid “continental drift,” during the year of Noah’s Flood, fleshed out today with hard science by such as geophysicist John Baumgardner at, knowing that the mountains rose at the close of the Flood (recounted by over six hundred ancient people groups including the hebrews).

When you realize that the ocean basins were shallower at the time of the prediluvial Pangea, then deepened by new basaltic ocean crust’s extrusion and solidification through the midoceanic rift zones of the earth’s crust which rapidly separated (separating the continents), the new solidifying ocean floor having become denser to sink down upon the mantle, it’s apparent that the Flood water slid off the the thickening continents into the then-deepening ocean basins, as we remember that the crust of the earth is like the skin on an apple, with the “skin” having crumpled up to form the great mountain ranges when continents crashed together, or volcanism pushed the continental crust upward.

What has been described as oceans of water (compressed as steam) beneath the earth’s crust in the mantle was the source of the water for Noah’s Flood, the steam effusions over volcanos today which I witnessed and marveled at first hand with volcanologist Dick Stoiber in Guatemala back in the 70’s, which bear clear evidence of that great source of water below, which was fully unleashed during awesome Noah’s Flood, when the legendary “forty days and nights of rain” was geothermally vented steam falling out as rain, until the Flood water had risen sufficiently to carburate the atmospheric venting.  Read more about it in the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!

With all that water all over the earth, and the continents rapidly “drifting” then, the erosion and redeposition was intense, in fact catastrophic as they say in the business, evident in the geologic column, paleontologically there too, explained with great specificity (and I don’t mean species, google syngameons), at Dr. Sean Pitman’s superb analysis of the geologic columen here, showing that the Bible is really a great source of historical information; the Darwinists can’t refute it, as they try to peddle their baseless scheme.

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