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The ancient walled island city of Tyre became dominant over ancient Sidon of the Phoenicians circa 1150 B.C., because Tyre was isolated and walled on the island, a half mile from shore, while Sidon was vulnerable to the invasions of the Sea People, the same Sea People who in a thousand ships invaded the Nile Delta at that time.  So why was not Tyre always the dominant port city of the legendary Phoenicians with its strategic location and excellent harbors all around the walled island?

The Phoenicians were known as Sidonians during the Bronze Age, because Sidon was the dominant port city, named after Sidon, a son of Canaan, but beginning circa 1150 B.C., those intrepid seafarers called themselves and were known as Tyrians, of Tyre, because Sidon was compromised by the influx of maritme invaders who were seeking new land, waves of migrants througout the Mediterranean for reasons essentially unknown to mainstream scientists today, because they don’t realize that the Sea Peoples from all over the Mediterranean had lost much land to sea level rise, and so too actually, had Tyre and Sidon, their original ruins now submerged just offshore, with the location of the second Tyre on the island which isolated from the mainland when the sea level rose, making it the dominant phoenician city thereafter, until destroyed by Alexander the Great almost a thousand years after its emergence as the dominant port city there on the eastern mediterranean shore.

The sea level rose drastically, about three feet per year, for about a hundred years, beginning circa 1500 B.C.; it was the flood of the greeks Ogyges and Dardanus, the same described by Plato (he had the date wrong from the egyptians), when Atlantis and hundreds of port cities in many parts of the world went under, including off Lebanon, Egypt, and Greece, and when the Black Sea became connected to the world ocean through the Dardanelles, where the massive walls of Troy were built circa 1300 B.C., soon thereafter destroyed by the heros of Greece as described in Homer’s Iliad., and the Odyssey emblematic of the Sea People.

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