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Did you know the Big Bang Theory is predicated on two mutually contradictory notions?  I’d bet they never told you, but it’s true, and fairly easy to deduce on your own if you really think about it, because with the rapid expansion of matter outward from the beginning (point), there must be an edge of the expanded matter, but the Big Bang Theor posits disingenously that the universe is boundless, no edge, and therefore, the distant stars must be billions of years old, because gravitational time dilation was not in play, the mutually contradictory premises of the theory at work.

The so-called event horizon, which collapsed as time was dilated outside it during the rapid early expansion of matter away from the beginning center, caused the distant stars to now appear much older than they are, because the light from them early in their coalescences was greatly accelerated, so they are not billions of years old, ‘though hundreds of millions of light years away, but only thousands of years old, when the contradictory premises of the Big Bang Theory are corrected, and so, good science once again lines up with the biblical account of the history of the earth and universe.

And be sure to avail yourself of the strong evidence that all of the bible, except the six days of creation, was witnessed and recorded by characters in the bible, from Adam to Noah, and on to Moses, who compiled, edited, and redacted (as the Spirit led), the inherited tablets faithfully passed down through the generations starting with Adam, refer to article #13 at, to see further that christian young earth creationists believe for some very good reasons, ‘though many still call us flat-earthers.

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