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When you look at the great deserts of the world on a map, such as in the Middle East, the Sahara, the Taklamakan of western Asia, and the Great Indian desert of northwest India and Pakistan, and pinpoint the sites of ancient ruins in those deserts on the map, it’s then obvious that those deserts were nothing of the kind when the ancient cities and towns were flourishing, such as the Indus civilizations’ Lothal in northwest Inda, Jiroft in southern Iran, Hamoukar in Syria, Ubar in Oman, and Kom Aushim in Egypt.  Those regions were lush with vegetation from artesian streams because of much more rainfall, no need for irrigation until the climate changed drastically, now finally being admitted by even mainstream scientists, such as Harvey Weiss at Yale, the climate change which ended the bronze age.

So why did the climate dry out then?  The first question to answer for that is what causes more rainfall?  Well quite obiously, the greater rainfall amounts came from much more cloudcover, so what caused more cloudcover?  It’s from greater evaporation off the oceans, so obviously the oceans were warmer when in rained much more during bronze age times where now are deserts, with hundreds of bronze age ruins left there now stranded in the shifting sands (checkout Ubar of southern Arabai), those civilizations mostly forced to move elsewhere because of the catastrophic climate change, with but a few having stayed behind to adapt to the rapidly drying terrain.

You can’t have an Ice Age without dense global cloudcover, so it’s the warmer oceans which caused it too, the same hydrologic regime for the Ice Age having caused lush greenery where now are deserts, the Ice Age which began to end when the oceans had cooled to about the tempeatures today’s ocean, that’s hydrology 101, seldom admitted by mainstream scientists ‘though because the clear implication is that there certainly was a geothermal heating event of the oceans, and that means “the fountains of the great deep,” through the midoceanic ridges during the runaway plate tectonics of Noah’s Flood, see the mechanics of that cataclysm at John Baumgardner’s, and I hope you do ask your professors whether or not it makes sense that only a much warmer ocean could have been the cause of the Ice Age.

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