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British archaeologist Andrew Collins and researcher Nigel Skinner-Simpson have rediscovered the vast network of limestone karst caves beneath the Giza pyramid plateau in Egypt, extending hundreds (and perhaps thousands) of feet into the plateau from the western escarpment, it’s like a labrynth of passageways linking carved chambers, with pillars, altars, and other signs of religious activity, there in the underworld, the realm of the ancient egyptian god Osiris before he would resurrect as the new king Horus, the soul and spirit supposedly transferred to the new ruling pharoah, making the pharoah a god, just as Julius Caesar and Alexander the Great said they were gods, much to the consternation of many who really knew them (I’m sure).

Andrew Collins is one of those new agers who think Atlantis was real (which it was), but back circa 10000 b.c., over 7,000 years before the Great Pyramid is agreed by almost all to have been built, as well as, 7,000 years before metallurgy began with the so-called bronze age, when the Giza pyramids were built, below which Edgar Cayce’s accolyte Collins believes is the Cayce-prophecied Hall of Records, somewhere within those passageways and chambers in the bowels of the earth under Giza.

According to Cayce, this ancient underground library, the Hall of Records, will tell us much more about Atlantis than related by Plato in Timaeus and Critias, who reported the story told to Solon by the egyptian priests of Sais circa 600 b.c., of the bronze age weaponry, wooden ships, and the greek kings of that timeframe of Atlantis, Erechtheus, Cecrops, Erichthonius, and Erysichthon, when Athens led the warfare against Atlantis, which was seeking dominance over the entire Mediterranean, actually circa 1500 b.c. (as you can agree when you read further under categories Catastrophic Climate Change and Submerged Ancient Ruins).

There are passageways leading from the center of the Great Pyramid outward to the open air, what used to be called the dead pharoh’s air shafts, now ackowledged to have been star shafts, from the central King’s Chamber lined up directly with the pole star, due north (not magnetic north), calculated by the methodology explained in article #2 at, the pole star in that day having been Alpha Draconis, which means Dragon, of the constellation Draco, remaining visible all year ’round because it’s above the top of the world, and so, Draco was worshipped as the stabilizing force in the universe, up to which the Axis Mundi always extends, around which the other constellations appear to rotate.

Certainly not by coincidence, in central Mexico there are subterranean passageways of an interconnecting cave system, sculpted further by humans, who worshipped much as did the egyptians, beneath the Temple of the Sun at Teotihuacan, that temple having been surveyed in STU’s, Standard Teotihuacan Units, generally considered the archaic unit of length in Olmec times, derived from the precession rate of the earth’s axis too, for it’s exactly twice the length of the egyptian (and hebrew) cubit length, based on geometry, which tellingly means earth measure, utilized by the “rulers” by land and sea.

And the mayan (post olmec) tuns, baktuns, and katuns, units of time are precession numbers too, so this geometric surveying method almost certainly is the same which enabled the ancients to navigate all over the world, certainly not circa 10000 b.c., as the new agers insist despite the overwhelming evidence that the Ice Age ended much later than popularly advertised.  Checkout

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