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With Obama’s beleaguered communist green jobs czar Van (Wilder) Jones having resigned overnight, obviously prime fodder for today’s Sunday morning news talk shows under normal circumstances, the liberal talking heads on Face the Nation, Meet the Press, etc., will be faced with the daunting task of explaining why they methodically have not been reporting on Van Jones’ political problems, but then again, perhaps a radical black liberation communist in the West Wing is really not big news after all, know what I mean?

The embarrassing exposure of communist agitator Van Jones’ rabid anti-constitutional political philosophy probably isn’t big news if you consider that Jones is just the tip of the iceberg, one of many, because there are over forty Obama czars, many of whom, no doubt, also could not have passed an FBI background check, so the real news would be when all these czars are vetted, which only Glenn Beck has been doing on the air with Fox, certainly the only network which has been fair and balanced in this case, as the rest of the media completely ignores the story, the blackout which surely must end this Sunday morning. 

Obama and his close friend and top advisor Valerie Jarrett (who said they’d been following Jones’ since his days in Oakland) hired the guy, so will they expect us to believe they didn’t know what he’s all about, and if so, the question follows, then why did they hire him in the first place, if not for what he has clearly said and done (all on google) during his community organizing career since his early days in Oakland?  Perhaps the talking heads on this Sunday morning’s talk shows will have some opinions about all this, it will really be interesting to see what they say, having to explain the whole story, because they have ignored it to this point, but no more, so thank you Glenn Beck! 

And maybe one of these Sunday mornings, I’ll be on one of those shows to explain one the most important rediscoveries in recent times, exactly how the ancients calculated the size of the earth precisely by its wobble rate, hard to believe, but self evidently true, when you read article #2 at, so be sure to run it by some archaeological and cartographical experts whom you may know, it was the origin of our nautical mile mapping system, but by precession time rather than solar transit time.

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