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Fascist green czar and black liberation marxist Van Jones resigned from the Obama administration late Saturday, going off into the night saying he’d been smeared by Glenn Beck and conservative bloggers, and that beat was followed on Meet the Press with David Gregory this Sunday morning, with panelists Tom Friedman and Brokaw saying he was run out of town because he didn’t watch what he said (but what about his whole career and the background check?), and because the internet cannot be trusted, as if the videos of Van “Wilder” Jones were not there for all to see on that very internet.

These raging progressives of the leftist mainstream media are obviously trying to smoothly get around discussing why they never reported on Jones and the nationwide concern about his background (and those of other Obama czars) until his resignation, when all the ‘while, half of America already knew, and have been greatly concerned about it (thanks to the progressives’ favorite Glenn Beck), so the mainstream media look like the biased progressive fools which they are, as usual, further eroding their already rock bottom credibility in the eyes of the american public.

And as the christian underpinnings of our beloved Constitution are mocked and denied, particularly considering religion actually meant christian denomination in the First Amendment, it’s imperative that we be prepared to defend the historical veracity of the scriptures, even of Genesis, so see how it’s done, beginning with the material in article #13 at, then the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!, continuing to read the short articles at this blogsite, but perhaps first, be sure to see how the ancients measured the earth by its wobble rate in article #2 at, sure to interest your instructors, professors, and high school teachers.

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