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Would global cooling really cause another Ice Age?  Now let’s think about this please; with a generally cooler global atmosphere, as mainstream scientists ignorantly propone, because of less solar heating (due to the supposed milankovich cycle or whatever), then there would be less cloudcover because cooler air holds less water, but for the Ice Age, dense global cloudcover was necessitated for all that precipitation, so the cause of the Ice Age could not have been generally cooler atmospheric conditions, according to hydrology 101, so we must look elsewhere.

The frigid polar regions today are technically deserts because so little snow falls there due to the extremely low temperatures (so the air holds little water in vapor form), but during the Ice Age, plants and animals abounded there, now frozen within permafrost muck from the end of the Ice Age, when the coastal plains of the polar regions were flooded out by the melting of the ice age icepacks from the continental interiors, away from the ocean, which was much warmer, paradoxically, during the Ice Age, which when having cooled to about today’s temperatures, caused the skies to clear for very cold winters in those polar regions, leaving the flooded out animals and plants entombed in permafrost mud and plant debris ever since.

So the oceans were obviously heated from below for the Ice Age, through the midoceanic ridges where the oceanic crustal plates are now slowly separating or sliding along each other, but when the ocean was really heated up, for the Ice Age, it was due to runaway plate tectonics, the event after which the ocean averaged about 80 degrees F., whereas today it averages 50 degrees F., so that was the engine for the Ice Age, the only hydrologically valid explanation of such, corroborating the bible as it turns out, as you can see when you read the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!

And what of the hundreds bronze age sites now found in vast deserts, mostly in the Middle East, the Sahara, and the Great Indian Desert?  Those ancient towns and cities flourished obviously when there was much more rainfall there, when today’s wadis were perennial streams with the accompanying vegetation and wildlife, when the water table spilled out of the hillsides as artesian springs, where now are the shifting windblown sands of the great deserts of the world today, gone dry since the end of the Ice Age circa 1500 B.C., see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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