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Probably the fastest growing group of people in the world is “mixed race,” after all, what is a race anyway, so who is “genetically pure” and who is not?  With whatever vague definition of race you may choose (acknowleging for instance that the Dalits of India are black and the Berbers of Africa are white), it’s clear that the term race really has no meaning, just as Darwin’s term species has no meaning, because members of differing “species” interbreed, such as lions and tigers, just as people of differing races mate to reproduce (hopefully within marriage), demonstrating the racism inherent in darwinism, the logical conclusion of the scheme that the “races” are engaged in a “survival of the fittest,” as Adolf Hitler believed.

I don’t know that documentarian Carolyn Battle Cochran is a student of the Bible, but with her controversial documentary, Biracial not Black Damn It, she demonstrates her realization that her mixed racial genetic makeup (white and black) does not make her a black (while our president says he’s black), but mixed race, as she calls it, not wanting to be called black, for that is what the white slaveowners called anyone with “any black blood” in their genetic makeup, so Obama and his darwinist “progressive” buddies, who call Obama black (not mixed or perhaps beige?), are using white slaveowner mentality, oh the irony!

Only through an understanding of the record in the book of Genesis can you understand the phenomenon of the “races” of humankind, as we are of one syngameon, just as the lion and tiger are of one syngameon, rendering Darwin’s term species meaningless, which comes as a great surprise to many, because the syngameons (biblical kinds) of animals and the human kind naturally selected within their respective gene pools, moving off into new ecological niches during the Ice Age in the aftermath of Noah’s Flood (the mountains rose at the close of the flood year), read more about it under the various categories here, to learn that biblical history indeed matches the archaeological and geologic records, much to the chagrin of the darwinists, who say we morphed from tree shrews, go figure.

With blacks now rightly claiming their ancient ancestors were master navigators, disputed by the darwinists, yet evidenced with such as the gigantic african stone head sculptures of the archaic Olmecs of Central America, and the black Tamils of southern India, who navigated by the same system by which the dimensions for the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt were determined (, students of ancient “black history” are coming to understand that the Table of Nations (Genesis 10) in the Bible is the template for the ancient dispersions of the people groups during the Ice Age, take for example Kush, who established Kish in the Middle East, Kush in Africa, and was the namesake of the Hindu Kush mountains of western Asia, he really got around, as did many of the rest.

So not curiously, the ancient mexican unit of length, the hunab, is exactly twice the length of the ancient egyptian cubit unit of measure, both calculated by the wobble rate of the earth’s axis, measured 72 years/degree (explained in the link), which when considered with the fact that the olympic greek foot was also a subdivision of the base perimeter length of the Great Pyramid (3,000 olympic feet), makes plain that it was a much smaller world back then than imagined by the darwinists, who really can’t imagine ancient blacks having been as smart as ancient whites, just ask them.

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