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So-called progressives want the Bible removed from the schools, as if it’s pornography or just a pack-of-lies (an ostensibly evil influence on our children), but as Harvard english professor Robert Kiely says, a good working knowledge of the Bible puts students far ahead of the biblically ignorant in studies of classic english literature, such as the works of Wordsworth, Shakespeare, Pope, Spenser, and Milton; the biblically ignorant students not having a clue about the multitude of allusions from the Bible which are key elements of those (and many more) authors’ famous works. 

In a great opinion piece in the 08/17/09 edition of USA Today, regular contributor William R. Mattox notes that many professors are stressing the importance of students’ biblical education for success at the college level, with the Bible being the most important book in the history of the development of the world, with many prominent scientists, such as Issac Newton and Niels Bohr, having been Bible believing christians, just two of the hundreds of millions of people through the centuries who believed the Bible is the real deal, not hocus pocus as alleged by the “progressives” in academia who’d like us to think that christianity has been just a minor oddity in the course of human history.

Because the Bible is such a valuable tool-text for a solid general education, the states of Tennessee, Georgia, and Texas, have passed laws allowing Bible study in the public schools as a book of ancient literature and history, which has been the cornerstone of western civilization, a must to understand to become educated about history and the arts, for a good liberal arts education, but that which the progressives deem anathema because of their hatred for the Bible, so what do they have to fear, why do they fight the reading of the Bible with such vigor, when it’s only being taught as one of many books of ancient literature?

The Quran should be taught as literature also, helping to explain islam’s impact on the world through the centuries, to understand the clearly important roles which the world’s religions have played while history marches on, even discussing the Flood of Noah, known as Nuh in the Quran, and how that legend has affected the thinking of the cultures of the world through the millenia, a key component of the template of ancestral recollections from our distant ancestors, who were there, recorded by those eyewitnesses, all the way back to the six days of creation, read article #13 at http://GenesisVeracity.com.

See too http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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